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October 2020 Sew Diary

While starting a new job has made me busier and my sew-jo has slowed down, October has still been a good month for sewing. I’ve managed to make a few garments (as well as other little projects such as advent calendars) and learned some things in the process. I’ve decided to do a monthly sew […]

DIY Wax Melts

Home fragrances – I love them. However, I have a recurring problem. I’ll use a product for a couple of weeks, fall in love with the scent and then my asthma will flare up. I did something that seems so obvious now – checked the label. I found ingredients such as ‘octahydro tetramethyl naphthalenyl ethanone’ […]

The curse of the WIP

Life was so much easier when I was a knitter, and just a knitter… But juggling so many crafts can actually have the adverse effect on me than what crafting should… it kind of stresses me out when I have a few different projects on the go. It’s not just the knitting basket beside the […]