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Part Two – Cherry Print in Fashion

In Part One of this blog, I brought you a brief rundown of the symbolic significance of the cherry in culture from Medieval times to recent days. Fashion exists within that culture and so does the meaning of the fashion choices we make. As part of the #FruitSaladSewing challenge hosted by Yvette (@blossomsandwich) my plans are to sew up some cherry print. That could say a lot about me…

Sewing a Difference

There are so many great women who have made a difference, many of whom were women of the needle and I thought, given the day it is, I would round up some of the most interesting stories about notable seamstresses I have come across in my reading. Happy International Women’s Day Elizabeth Keckley Elizabeth Keckley […]

Sew Anonymous Official Sewist

If you’re reading this blog and don’t follow me over on Instagram (@shesewshappiness) I wanted to share some exciting recent news – I have joined the Sew Anonymous Official Sewist team. I am joined by five incredible sewists; Lisa (@bobo_bun), Olivia (@designsbyohm), Nikki (@about_your_dress), Hazel (@hazelandthemachine) and Marcela ( Sew Anonymous have launched a blog […]

Make Nine 2021

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and thought I would take part in the Make 9 challenge this year. Last year I made a total of 79 garments from March to December so it’s not that I doubt I can make 9 garments… What I’m really taking part in this challenge for is to help me […]

The curse of the WIP

Life was so much easier when I was a knitter, and just a knitter… But juggling so many crafts can actually have the adverse effect on me than what crafting should… it kind of stresses me out when I have a few different projects on the go. It’s not just the knitting basket beside the […]