Closet Core Patterns, Elodie wrap dress

I wanted to love this dress, not only because of its popularity in recent weeks in the sewing community but also because of the amount of the time once has to invest in just cutting all the pieces. I have discovered my pet peeve in sewing – flat lay.

I did make a toile of this dress as I’ve never sewn any of Closet Core Patterns garments before so I had no idea about the fit of their patterns; and the toile process was grand. I can’t fault the construction instructions – they’re great and I’d be 100% happy to try another Closet Core Patterns design in the future based on those alone.

However, my hesitation with Elodie is based on the pattern fabric recommendations which state that this dress can be made with fabrics like viscose for a more fluid, drape-y version of the dress rather than woven fabrics. I think if I was to make it again, I would stick to woven fabrics. I used this lovely red rose print viscose as it was reminiscent of an old RTW wrap dress that I loved and had hoped Elodie would recreate.

When I made the toile, it worked well – the fit was good and nothing needed modified…

So I was full of enthusiasm and ready to go (in spite of the cutting marathon that awaited me); and then I made it in the intended fabric – you’d think I’d cut the dress from a totally different set of pattern pieces…

There was so much excess fabric on the top – I had to bring up the front pleats by 1.5 inches each!

The waist is fine – the sleeves are fine but the side and bust areas are just too baggy – maybe it’s just a case of me not being used to this style of clothes. I’m a D cup so it’s rare that I have too much fabric around the bust area. However, I have been losing a little weight; not a lot but maybe enough for me to have to have a serious think about how *all* my measurements work, not just the key three.

Half the reason for trying Elodie was to step outside my usual style. I’m more into fitted clothes – before I started sewing this year, I predominantly wore reproductive vintage styles – maybe I need to learn how to convert the tiny vintage pattern sizes…

I know it’s a loose fitting bodice but it just doesn’t feel right. I think if I am going to get any wear out of it, I’m going to have to layer it – thankfully, it’s the right time of year to do it. I spotted someone on Instagram suffering the same problem and she has suggested we try fabric stabiliser which may help the cutting process of viscose to make it behave similarly to woven fabrics like cotton and linen. Worth a shot, I guess, but I’m not sure when I’ll be mentally prepared to take on Elodie again…

I sound so negative but it’s probably more disappointment – after making the toile and thinking this would turn out the same. I have so, so much left to learn.

When I made the toile I tested the length and loved the midi – when I made the rose print, I totally changed my mind and decided to take it up to the shorter version (there are 3 versions, including a maxi). I love the shorter version; it moves so beautifully and it will look really good with knee high boots. You see, I’m not entirely negative!

I am not saying I won’t make this again but when I do – it’ll not be for a while, you may have guessed – it will be with a more structured fabric.

I’m keen to try a different Closet Core Patterns project, just based on how popular they are in the sewing-sphere so, if you have any suggestions, please let me know! Bear in mind, I don’t do trousers so, as beautiful as Blanca is on so many of you out there, it’s just not for me.

In terms of the sewability of this pattern, I can’t flaut it – when you get over the cutting phase, this is a joy to sew up. The project just flows and I really hope I come back to it and feel totally different some day.

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