April 2021 Sew Diary

14 finished projects!

I had no idea I managed to sew this much over the course of the month.

Maybe it was because April is my birthday month so I may have been more self-indulgent than I usually am. Or maybe it has more to do with the amount of fabric I currently have in my sewing room – still plenty left to get me through the next few months! Watch out for my sewing plans for May in the next post before the weekend is out.

Sew Over It Betty

This pattern is a staple in my wardrobe and one which I visit over and over again. When it came to this pink fabric with its irregular navy polka dot print, the simplicity of the Betty dress was definitely a good pairing. I stayed with the original pattern even though I love both the scoop and V-neck versions that come with the extension pack as I wanted to maximise the vintage vibe. You can read all about this make on my Minerva profile.

Colette Patterns, Moneta Dresses

I just can’t help myself – if I feel I need a new dress for work, this is my go to. I do a lot of travelling with my job so comfort is always a priority for those long distance travel days but the Moneta dress is as stylish as it is comfy! The first of these was made in a pale blue polka and hibiscus print from Minerva and the second a daisy print from Stitches and Bobbins.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Asteria Dress

When I got this dress from Sew Anonymous I decided to try a pattern I’d never made before; something a little less fitted, for a change. I figured a flowing dress would be a good option for my summer wardrobe. The popular loose fitted dresses – like the Wilder Gown and Indigo – really do nothing for me. My body shape requires a little fitting. So, when I saw the Asteria dress with its 60s mod detailing, I thought it might be a good compromise, being semi-fitted. I love the square collared neckline so much – it really elevates what is otherwise a very basic bodice. My liquorice fabric was only 44″ wide so it couldn’t accommodate the pleated skirt so I improvised with a gathered one.

Sew Over It Marguerite Dress

There’s a theme going on this month – I am making a lot of my tried and tested patterns. There is a whole pile of A0 prints of new patterns I have been purchasing later but I think I have got to that point of buying that’s overkill and now I can’t choose what I want to make next. However, if I get a fabric I love – I had already made the Jennifer Lauren Asteria in this print – I tend to want a Marguerite in it. This pattern is quintessentially me and it just works for my figure!

Charm Patterns, Barbie Top

I had some cuttings left from daisy print Moneta dress which I managed to squeeze another Barbie top out of. The arm pieces couldn’t be cut on the grain-line but it’s still better than throwing the fabric in the scrap box. It’s a perfectly serviceable top for working from home, lounging and walking the dogs.

Violette Field Threads Ashton Dress

You will have seen this dress is one that I made last month and I have a review of the pattern here; however, this time I opted for the long sleeves and vintage skirt length variation. I love fabric that has gold lurex in it and this chambray from Sew Anonymous was perfect for this pattern. The fabric itself felt more like a viscose and has the same drape.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper Cardigan

This pattern is one of my go to garments – I love cardigans and, living in Northern Ireland, layering isn’t exactly optional. Originally, I set out to make plain coloured cardigans but I keep getting distracted with cute prints such as this cherry print from Minerva – you can read about this make on my Minerva profile.

Seamwork Almeda Gown

Previously named Kit (in case you recognise it and think I’m calling it the wrong thing), this is a pattern that I’ve kept coming back to since I subscribed to Seamwork. When I received this gorgeous art gallery cotton poplin from Minerva, I knew I finally had to make it. I’ve reviewed this make here.

Simplicity 8814

I love baking and as any self respecting baker would have, I have quite a few aprons at my disposal. Some of them are so well-loved that I figured it was time to sew one. Sometimes there’s nothing quite like a Netflix binge but to make me feel less like I am wasting time, I enjoy doing some hand stitching while watching some of my favourite shows. This make was perfect for that – all the narrow hems and the apron bottom hem have been slipped stitched to make for a very tidy and satisfying apron.

Charm Patterns, Skipper Bodysuit

Gertie’s Patreon project this month was the Skipper Bodysuit and Dress – I’m a big skirt kind of gal so I wasn’t going to make the dress as I knew I wouldn’t get wear out of it but I couldn’t resist a bodysuit. I didn’t have to make any modifications so this pattern was a real treat – I opted for the puff sleeves as I love that little bit extra. I’ve already lined up my next one.

More Sew Over It Marguerite Dresses

This is my favourite woven pattern at the moment – Sew Over It Maisie would be a close second. I batch sewed a couple of these. This style just works for me so if I get a fun fabric and I want to make sure I get a lot of wear from the garment, Marguerite is a sure thing.

Thread Theory, Fairfield Button Up Shirt

Menswear is new to me – apart from a couple of tees. I think shirts could easily become the kind of thing I really love to sew. I should have counted the times I gave myself a metaphorical pat on the back while making this – there were so many little techniques that were new to me – I felt so satisfied that I was learning as I sewed. For me, that’s one of the best things about sewing – there’s always something new to learn and another accomplishment to make. I really started to enjoy making this once I was in the flow of it – all the external edges are enclosed and topstitched down so you get the satisfaction of an incredibly neat finish both inside and out – there is no need to finish seams or thread up the overlocker. It made me really respect tailoring and the techniques that are involved in making men’s shirts. It also made me wonder why women’s shirts don’t feature the same kind of detailing…

It’s taking me longer to get Simon to model it than it did to make it. But it’s coming to the Sew Anonymous blog space at the weekend.

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  1. Bonjour le patron de la robe Moneta n’est plus édité ,je le cherche depuis des mois,accepteriez vous de me vendre une copie?Merci beaucoup par avance

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