Barbie Top – Gertie Patreon Exclusive Pattern

If you haven’t joined Gertie’s World yet, what are you waiting for? The Patreon exclusive patterns just keep on delivering real vintage charm. Now, I’m not really one for sewing separates (unless they’re cardigans like the Peter Pan Collar Bolero), but when I saw the Barbie top I knew an exception was at hand!

This is a real wardrobe staple – boasting 4 arm lengths, too, so all preferences are accounted for (I opted for 3/4 length sleeves)! I also love the neckline. Now that I’ve made it, my next focus will be to make a cute pinafore dress to team up with it (and the several others that will inevitably be sewn up in the incoming weeks and months). I also love that Gertie has created this pattern for two bust size groupings (the fuller bust sizes include a dart in the front bodice to ensure a great fit).

I love sewing with jersey and I purposefully say sewing because, even though I have an overlocker, I prefer to use my sewing machine. The jersey I used for this project – sourced from PIMI (Plan It Make It) was particularly luxurious; not only does it feel beautiful, it ran through my sewing machine effortlessly.

To get the same fitting that is shown in the promo shots, I followed Gertie’s suggestion and chose a fabric with 95% cotton / 5% spandex composition. I was originally just going to go with a black and white stripes (I knew I had to take on the stripe matching) but these cherries were a cute retro bonus.

The project itself, from cutting to fabric to hemming, only took about an hour so it was a really quick and satisfying make – and even though it wasn’t essential, I decided to overlock the seams to keep things nice and smooth under the surface. Gertie’s instructions make life so easy – I never find myself caught out or double guessing anything.

I’ll update with any future versions I make – I assume with the warmer months, I’ll be making shorter sleeved and the armband version. I’ll also update with pictures when I make the pinafore dress but for now, here it is with jeans (a version of me that can only be seen maybe once a year when I don’t want to ruin a dress on a muddy trail).

Also, matching earrings! I am so easily pleased…

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