Kosedo Studio, Anok Dress

✂️  @kosedostudio have recently launched this gorgeous and versatile dress pattern.

It’s a loose fitted dress with so much potential for personalisation with sleeves and frills aplenty: needless to say, I opted for puff sleeves for my tester version.

Anyone familiar with my makes knows that one of my all time favourite patterns is the Lima dress. When I discovered it, I couldn’t help but appreciate that Vanessa is one of the most thorough designers when it comes to grading.

Not only is size inclusivity at the heart of Vanessa’s designs, so too is accessibility to sewing. Vanessa believes everyone should be able to sew their own clothes and has done so much work that fitting issues are minimal, if needed at all. There are options for cup sizes, too, which means I could bypass a FBA. Praise be!

Another thing anyone familiar with my style might have noticed is that I’m all about fitted garments. I have always found loose fitting garments are not really suitable for my body – Anok is the exception. This loose dress, with its continuous princess seams, really works with your curves. Kosedo Studio patterns really do flatter a curvaceous figure!

It is recommended that you make Anok in light to medium weight fabrics with a bit of structure to hold the gathers and angled seams. Cottons, chambrays and linens are excellent options. I went with a cotton lawn from Amothreads as it really was too warm when I was sewing it up to make it in anything heavier – the lawn holds the shape much better than I thought it would given how lightweight it is.

Another thing to note is that this is a pattern I would recommend to any level of sewist – the instructions and full and comprehensive – and the illustrations are also a great added bonus. I look forward to trying other variations of this dress.

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