March 2021 Sew Diary

Looking back at my makes in March!

With spring around the corner, my sewing this month took a new direction.

Colette Patterns, Moneta

No sooner had I finished one I had moved on to another. Read the review of the pattern here. Two different fabrics make for contrasting looks; I opted for short sleeves with the plain modal french terry as it’s more like a fitted tee bodice: perfect for weekend walks.

Charm Patterns, The Picnic Set

With the warmer days and the end of lockdown (hopefully) not far away, I can’t help but be a little wishful for picnic days with friends – let’s face it, it’ll be some time before anything other than small outdoors gatherings will be possible).

I was curious about this set as I was hoping the continuity of the same fabric might make me feel more comfortable in separates. I don’t love separates on me – and I know it is probably a mental dysmorphia issue rather than any real problem with my body – because it feels as if cutting my body in two makes me look out of proportion.

While I am a little dubious about the very short nature of the top (and I made the waist length, not the cropped version), I’m looking at separates in a new light – you can read the review of this set here.

Charm Patterns, Barbie Top

I had a bit of an accident – the striped Moneta dress you see above got ruined when I spilled glue on it while trying to save a nail (a genuine emergency), ruining the front bodice and skirt pieces – there was no way of salvaging it. Had this happened before I started sewing with a ready to wear piece of clothing, chances are I’d have binned it. But appreciating the amount of effort and time that is invested into a handmade garment, I couldn’t bear to do that with this dress. I spent an hour looking for some more of it on the internet and finally found it at Goldstitch – the Moneta looks so pretty in this fabric that I knew I needed to replace it. Having secured some more of the fabric, I was in a better frame of mind to start salvaging the dress. I became a Barbie top, a real staple piece; I’ve made a few of these already. And remade the original Moneta!

Charm Patterns Charm Scout Hat

It’s been on my to do list for ages to make vintage inspired headwear so when Gertie released this free pattern via YouTube, I knew it was the perfect starting point. It’s a one size pattern for a garrison / envelope style hat. Sometimes you just want a small project as a palette cleanser and this was perfect for that. I had enough fabric left over from my Charm Scout capelet to make this to match.

Another Moneta Dress

I think this is my new go to for stretch fabrics – I love this pattern. I love the simplicity of it which really does allow me to indulge different fabrics, such as this glitter velvet from Sew Anonymous which featured on my latest blog post on the sewist blog.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper Cardigan

This pattern needs no introduction here – this is my third. I cannot overstate how much I love that simple saddle shoulder!

Violette Field Threads Ashton Dress

I’m definitely in the mood to start sewing for summer so this floaty number fitted the bill perfectly. This was a random find for me – it wasn’t a pattern designing company I knew and I only came across them when on a random pattern search of vintage inspired patterns.

I made a second version of this dress which you can read about over on my Minerva profile.

Sew Over It Marguerite

This is the fourth time I’ve used this pattern and it will be used again! It’s a dress which I think quintessentially works for my body and accentuates the waist. How sweet (pun intended) is this fabric, though?

I’ve already cut out a couple more projects in preparation for the long Easter weekend.

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