Patience – the art of waiting

That last couple of weeks have been a test of patience in my sewing world.

I started making my BHL Flora dress (and the review is pending – *spoiler* it’s a wonderful pattern) when I discovered my zip order had not yet arrived… I am still waiting, as is my Flora dress.

I planned on making a matching clutch with the leftover fabric but, of course, I’ve been waiting for magnetic clasps to arrive, too.

I could have moved on to my BHL Hannah dresses – I have the fabric ready to go to make two variations but my patterns arrived from the copy shop incorrectly printed – more waiting.

Even my little projects are on hold needing one last piece of haberdashery which seem to never come.

I am notorious for getting restless when I have to wait to complete a project but it did give me recourse to pause and think about patience (or, in my case, the lack of it sometimes). I recalled what some of the greatest writers had to say about patience.

I learn it daily, learn it with pain to which I am grateful: patience is everything!

Franz Kafka

Waiting in itself is a profitable thing – the time allows us to think in silence (which you can’t really do when you’ve thrown yourself into a project):

Waiting, as represented by silences, gaps, and distance, allows us the capacity to imagine that which does not yet exist and, ultimately, innovate into those new worlds as our knowledge expands.

Jason Farman Delayed Response: The Art of Waiting from the Ancient to the Instant World

Patience and waiting go hand in hand and sometimes we all need reminded that waiting is not a burden – in fact, it is an underappreciated time in which we often learn (in my case, something about myself).

So, this is my thought of the day: as we wait for the things we want, we become different people – in my case, hopefully a little more patient. In the act of waiting, we become who we are.

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