Sew Over It Penny Dress

It is no secret that I love the Sew Over It pattern line; more specifically the vintage inspired patterns. Penny had been on my to make list for quite a long time but you know what it’s like – every new discovery makes the list longer and longer. When I saw this Eco-vero ex- Nobody Child’s poppy print on the Rainbow Fabrics Kilburn site I knew it was time. I am also rediscovering an old love for a collared dress and, with autumn coming in, Penny seemed like a beautiful layering piece and work appropriate, too.

The construction of the dress is pretty simple – as with all the SOI patterns, the instructions are well-written and easy to follow. There are a lot of cute features on this dress, not just the collar. Penny features a button-up bodice with a dropped shoulder (which speeds up the sewing process), an easy-fit elasticated waist which gathers up the full circle skirt. For me, it is perfectly ‘modern vintage’, both contemporary and classic.

The elasticated waist makes this a really comfortable garment to wear; I discovered after making it that it’s easy to get on over your head and you could skip the buttonholes (however, I quite enjoy the process of sewing buttonholes). It makes it even more beginner friendly, though, if you want to skip the buttonholes and just stitch the buttons on through both sides of the placket.

Another feature I love about this dress is the grown-on sleeves – I think the sleeves, along with the gathers in the skirt, really ask to be made in drapier fabrics such as this eco-vero or viscose. A cotton lawn would work but you’d get a crisper sleeve (and I prefer the fluidity) and maybe a little too much bulk at the waistline.

This style of dress doesn’t require much fitting – I made mine straight from the pattern and I didn’t need to do an FBA which I sometimes do with SOI patterns. I’ll definitely revisit this pattern again (and soon).

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