Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress

I’ve had the Fringe dress on my to-make list for several months and now that I’ve finally made it, I know it’ll be a pattern I will revisit in the future. The Fringe is both a top and dress pattern but I was always going to make the dress version. The dress actually offers two views (a button up and notched front) but I couldn’t resist the button up front (and using the gorgeous complementary ochre sparkle Atelier Brunette buttons with the ochre sparkle double gauze which I bought from Sew Anonymous).

Sewing with Double Gauze

This was a new fabric for me but I will definitely use it again; in fact, I already have another colour way on the way from Sew Anonymous. I love the crinkly texture (it could almost be described as squishy) and it is also one of the softest fabrics which makes it a pleasure to wear.

Double gauze is really easy to work with – I recommend a few things, though:

  1. Use sharp pins when holding your seams together to avoid snagging the fabric
  2. Use a new, sharp needle: I used a 80/12 but a 70/10 would also be a good choice
  3. Stay stitch any curved lines – such as the necklines
  4. Use a slightly longer stitch than you would for most woven fabrics (2.7-3mm) as this will help control your fabric as it goes through the feed
  5. Finish your edges as double gauze is prone to fray over time

NB. Just a little note on this particular fabric – don’t iron directly on to the right side of the fabric as it can melt the metallic dots (I noticed this when ironing the seams inside).

The Pattern

This pattern is really well drafted – I actually made no modifications as I just wanted to get a feel for the dress before attempting to change it. Now, there is more room in it than I am used to wearing in dresses but the dress has ties which can be inserted in the back darts or side seams; since I chose the side seams, I can manipulate it to fit well enough. That’s not to say I won’t make adjustments in the next garment I make from the pattern – I’ve learned to enjoy the fitting process, especially in bodices.

The instructions are incredibly clear and well written, too, so I would have no hesitation recommending this pattern to beginners. It isn’t the fastest sew but it comes together quite easily. The only problem I experienced was turning out the waist ties as they started to fray so easily – I top stitched down the sewn seam once they were turned out just to ensure there would be no unravelling.

There are so many lovely features to this pattern. I love the neckline, the cuffed dolman sleeves, the sleeve tab and the curved hem. And it has pockets, of course. Even if the pattern didn’t call for pockets, I’m pretty sure I would have added them.

While I like the curved hem, I’ll probably just make a straight one next time as its my preference when there are gathers involved. I think I’d actually extend the skirt pieces, too, to allow for fuller gathers – that’s just what I’m used to.

All I need now is a sunny day and I’m sorted.

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