Fleur Pinafore by Untitled Thoughts

It might be an indication as to how shielding has affected me that I totally forgot to write up the pattern review for the Fleur Pinafore which I made back at the beginning of June!

Firstly, a shout out to Felicity Fabrics from where I sourced the beautiful floral cotton for this project. It was absolutely perfect. I wanted something durable (this pinafore is likely to see a lot of gardening action over the next few months) but yet pretty and I have a love of any fabric with a vintage vibe.

To be honest, I have nothing like this in my wardrobe – I don’t really think of clothes as utilitarian; however, I’m embarking on sorting out my garden space over the next few weeks and months and I figured it would do no harm to dress suitably and save my dresses from dirt (and paint). It’s also the kind of pinafore that could double up as a kitchen apron – perfect for a baking day.

While pinafore dresses have never really appealed to me, there was something so innately feminine about this one that I just felt inspired to make one. It may well have been the name ‘Fleur’ that made it sound so perfect, given how I plan to wear it. I had also loved how Brittani, the amazing designer behind UT, called the pattern a “palate cleanser” and recommends doing it in between projects. Having been sewing for 6 months now, it sounded like the perfect project, especially because solitude it causing me to lose my focus a little at the moment, too.

Brittani’s description is spot on – this was a wonderfully straightforward make. The pattern pieces are, basically, all rectangles – there’s nothing complicated about that!

You don’t need to bother with a toile and adjustments – so long as you have your waist measurement, you are ready to go!

There are options for the straps – I went with the ties because they add a little more femininity to the pinafore. It also meant there was no faffing about with the fitting to get them sitting just right – so if I a wearing a thin summer tea or a sweater underneath, the fit will be spot on.

I love the size of the skirt pockets – perfect for pottering around in the garden. I also opted for the bib pocket, just for a little extra sewing time and practice with pattern matching (which, admittedly, has always scared me a little but I’m slowly building up the courage to just go for it now).

I cannot overstate how relaxing a project this was – even the waistband was so easy to construct.

It probably took more time getting the buttonholes in exactly the right place than it did completing any part of the actual pinafore. The only fault I could find with this pattern is that it allows for a little more ease than what I’m used to (but that’s because I’m usually in fit and flare style dresses) so I had to fiddle around with button placement a little bit just to feel comfortable. Loose doesn’t necessarily mean comfortable, in my book.

It’s a cute one, the Fleur. Such a satisfying make and perfect for beginners as well as more advanced sewists who are looking for a relaxing make- so simple and yet so sweet. It’ll make an appearance again at the weekend when I get started on the kitchen garden.

I have never been so content to look casual – in fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever dressed casual so I guess sewing has opened up another door over the last 6 months.

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