Sewing children’s clothes – P4P Runabout Romper

 I never imagined myself making children’s clothes…

That is, until my 8 year old niece and goddaughter, who has absolutely NO interest in clothes, asked for a romper. The conditions? It has to be black or mint green, no prints and feel soft…

I tried to sway her with pretty florals, gingham and novelty prints. I lost. Clearly, we share the same level of stubbornness. She finally found a plain mint green french terry that met her very narrow needs…

Then the pattern search commenced – nothing from the major pattern companies would do – I think it was the prints used for photos and illustrations that were met with disgust rather than the actual patterns. With P4P (Patterns for Pirates) and their runabout romper pattern, we struck gold – she loved it!

It was so, so easy to sew up (in the end) – when I initially saw the instructions, I was horrified. An 88 page instruction manual for a basic sew-up project is total overkill and incredibly off-putting – it also didn’t help that when I bought and downloaded the A0 copy shop file and sent it off to be printed, I discovered that only half the pattern pieces were included. So there goes my trust – now I’ll be checking everything and taking nothing for granted.

In truth, this is one of the simplest things I have ever made and probably won’t be the last – needless to say, I will never consult the instructions again and, in fear that all the P4P instruction booklets are similarly over the top and have pages of the copy shop files missing, I won’t be buying any other patterns from them.

I tried talking Sophie into a little embellishment but I haven’t been successful yet – I am, however, going to make a mini version for her little sister who is 1 – should be really cute.

Pattern is @patternsforpirates
French terry fabric is from @tfgfabrics

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