Seamwork Astoria Sweater

I’ve had a Seamwork membership for a few months now and I’m really enjoying building up my Seamwork pattern collection. I’ve been asked if the Seamwork subscription is worth it and, for me, I think it is. Firstly, they have most of the once-Colette Pattern collection there, which I love. I have the Premium membership which allocates 2 Credits to your account every month with a recurring subscription to use on any patterns (Patterns cost 1 credit each, usually mostly €14), €5 off any other patterns you want to buy above this, and access to the monthly magazine and the online forum community as well as a bunch of other great resources to use like the wardrobe planner and workshops.


Apparently, this was one of the earliest Seamwork patterns so it has been around for quite a while.

I can see why the hashtag has so many of these makes – it’s a real staple piece. It’s a really quick make, too; I made up both of mine within the hour (not even on the overlocker which would make it even faster. The pattern calls for 1 7/8 metres of fabric which is misleading…


The fabric is a lovely black cotton French Terry from The Rag Shop. I ordered 2m because the fabric requirements stipulated 1 7/8 metres. Once the fabric was pre-washed (shrinking by 10%) and the pattern pieces cut, I had a lot left over, enough to actually cut out a 3/4 length sleeved version as well as a full length version (there are pattern pieces for both).

The fabric quality is superb and – always a bonus – runs through the sewing machine effortlessly, even without a walking foot!


I love the fit of this pattern – it’s a cropped sweater which is perfect for me as I wear mostly vintage inspired dresses with gathered or swing skirts. I set out to make this sweater as a handy alternative to cardigans to wear over dresses or with the few skirts I have (I really am a dress every day kind of girl). I made absolutely no alterations to the pattern – I could shorten it (I’m only 5 ft 1). Losing a couple of inches on the length is something I’ll do in the future (there will be more of these)! But it’s not too tight, it’s not too lose – I’m very comfortable in it.


This is definitely going to be a staple make – you’ll see a lot more of these in the future. And I’ll update with better pictures, too. (It’s a Saturday night and the bubbles are sparkling so I’m not moving from this place.)

I love the waistband and think it works well to flatter curves. It’s a casual sweater but it will still work with my dressier clothes.

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