Tilly and the Buttons, Juno Pyjamas

This was one of those patterns that was all over Instagram when they first came out – I have an aversion to making current trends. It’s the same with books – I tend not to read a book if everyone is reading it. However, with all the ice and snow coming in over recent days, I just wanted a nice snuggly make and when I saw this lovely fox print jersey on the Sew (Your Own) Wardrobe, I figured pyjamas were the perfect make and this is the only pyjama pattern I had; I rarely wear pyjamas. The difficulty was in finding a contrasting ribbing fabric that worked well with the print – everywhere I looked, it was out of stock. I finally found this red on the Fabric Godmother website and while it’s a little brighter than what I wanted, it works quite well.

This was a lovely pattern to sew up. The Juno pyjamas are actually the only project I have made from the Make It Simple Book – none of the rest are really to my taste. All in all, you could make these in a couple of hours, although I split it into a couple of evenings as I rarely take more than an hour in the evening. By the time I am finished work, walk the dogs and prepare dinner the night is almost over and I don’t want to make Simon a sewing widower! My dedicated sewing day is Saturdays when Simon is at work.

I made no adjustments to the pattern – this is unusual for me, especially when it comes to the length as I am only 5 ft 1 – so if you were taller than 5 ft 4, I suspect you’d have to look at lengthening the arms and trousers. I made the full length in both the top and the bottoms and they really are the perfect fit – so comfy and cosy and they are Daisy approved! The quality of the cuffing fabric is great so it’s also super comfortable.

The one technique to the pattern that worried me was the waistband – the fabric is stitched directly on to the elastic and then turned in on itself. I was concerned that these wouldn’t sit comfortably (they’re meant to sit a couple of inches below the natural waist) but I have to admit, they’re the best fitting, most comfortable pyjamas I have ever owned. Not that I have ever bought a lot of them, but I will never buy a pair of pyjamas again.

If you’re looking for a palette cleanser, this is a good one. And if you’re new to sewing with jersey, this is a good place to start as you’ll get to grips with all the basics, including neckbands.

2 thoughts on “Tilly and the Buttons, Juno Pyjamas

  1. These are gorgeous! About to start on mine, like you I held off until the hype had lessened. I’m 5 ft 7.5″ so will be checking my legs and arms for sure!

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