February 2021 Sew Diary

It was a slower month than usual – I fell off the radar for the first week and then it took me a little longer than I had anticipated to get my sew-jo back. Once I did, though, there was no stopping me. Sewing really is one of the more potent forms of self-care I have ever found.

Here’s the round up of what I made this month.

Sew Over It Marguerite

I made one of these at the end of January but I really wanted to make another. I had this yellow gingham which reminds me of the first spring daffodils so I thought I would start looking forward to sunnier and warmer days. I won’t say too much about it because there’s already a blog post here.

Self Drafted Project

Off the back of a difficult week, I took on a play-it-by-ear project…

I’ve had this star mesh from Rainbow Fabric for an absolute age but I decided it was time to bring it out. I asked for help a few days back deciding what to do with it and a suggestion from @rosysewsmodernvintage threw me down the velvet rabbit hole (I adore stretch velvet).

This is a self-drafted make – and I’m not going to lie, getting the seam between the stretch and woven fabrics was a total bitch and the lining fabric making the circle skirt beneath the net wouldn’t behave) – but it feels good to have salvaged something creative from this week! This one is being added to the post pandemic wardrobe which is getting more full by the day. Further details can be found on a previous blog post.

Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress

When I saw this ochre double gauze from Sew Anonymous, I knew it had to be a Fringe dress. I’ve been meaning to make this for months so it was great to finally tick it off the to-sew list. Again, like the others, the details are already blogged about in a previous post.

Jennifer Lauren Handmade Juniper Cardigan

I love everything about this pattern – it’s only taken me some nine months to take it out of the slip wallet. It is so simple and yet so effective. I will undoubtedly make many of these as they’re a staple for wearing over swing dresses but here are some shots of the cardinal modal and black See You At Six french terry fabrics (from Sew Anonymous and Plan It, Make It, respectively). You can read the full pattern review here.

It’s another make I can tick off my Make Nine challenge.

Valentine’s Dress – *Another* Sew Over It Maisie

This is a classic favourite of mine. I have made a few of these now – I particularly loved the Kate Spade taffeta version I made in January, so when I got this vermillion taffeta I knew it was the one pattern I had to use for Valentine’s. It’s a little bit flirty and sexy with the cut of the bodice. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, even if it was another stay-at-home holiday.

Viscose Border Print Boatneck Dress

I’m going to say something that is not a popular statement – I hate viscose. I know that so many of you love working with it and celebrate it for features such as its drape but I, personally, don’t find it appealing. I’ve used it a couple of times before and even though I said I would never buy it again, I saw this border print and found it so pretty that I bought some. I have to admit, I feel guilty for doing so, being aware that it’s one of those fabrics that takes a lot of criticism for not being sustainable. If I was proactively looking for fabric with drape, my go to would be Tencel but I wasn’t even looking for a fabric with drape as most of the clothes I make tend to be more structured pieces so I would more often that not use tightly woven fabrics.

I probably should have taken time to plan out this make better but I sewed it up on a whim after a few days visiting work locations in which peoples’ only heat setting appeared to be sauna. My psyche just wanted something lightweight. I should have toiled – I know the fault of an unsatisfactory garment is on me. I used a pattern that I had toiled before… for use with heavy cotton. I should have known better than to use the same for viscose which just does not behave in the way my favourite fabrics so. The finished garment has too much room pretty much everywhere; still, it was comfortable for the greenhouse that I worked in the next day!

Sew Over It Marguerite in Double Gauze

While I have made a couple of Marguerite dresses, I decided to give the pattern a go in the double gauze. Previous versions were made in pretty heavy cottons (not what the recommended fabrics are). There’s something quintessentially summer-like about the Marguerite dress and double gauze, for me, is perfect summer fabric so I thought the two would work really well together. I love it – for such a casual fabric, it gives a really classic result. This is maybe my favourite Marguerite dress yet.

Gertie, Charm Patterns Patreon Exclusive Capelet

I was a little dubious about the theme for Gertie’s Patreon this year – there isn’t much about ‘scout style’ that would belong in my wardrobe. However, after seeing the capelet and divorcing it from the scout aesthetic, I appreciated all the vintage inspired design features. I knew that I could take this year of themed Patreon patterns and turn them on their head. So, instead of the whole outdoorsy type garments, I decided to go down the route of evening wear. I’ve chosen to go with a black and gold colour scheme, creating a mini capsule wardrobe from the patterns released on Gertie’s Patreon this year.

I sourced some deadstock fabric that was used on the set of Bridgerton in the Duke’s wardrobe for this make and I love the end result. I am just waiting on a delivery of (black) snap fasteners to finish it. I look forward to making dresses to complement this.

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